How was it resolved?

Yes, we all have. The key is not to start blabbing about uncontrollably and certainly not to badmouth anyone. The interviewer wants to see how you react and hear you explain a simple situation in a relaxed, and straightforward manner:

The key is how you behaviorally reacted to a conflict and what you did to resolve it.

For example: Yes, I have had conflicts in the past. Never major ones, but there has been disagreements that needed to be resolved. I’ve found that when conflict occurs, it helps to fully understand the other persons perspective, so I take time to listen to their point of view, then I seek to work out a collaborative solution. For example, one time I chose to present information on a report in a certain order but my colleague disagreed with the order I had chosen. To solve the problem we both shared our points of view and we both had some good reasons. Ultimately, I was responsible for the way the report appeared so I did incorporate 1 or 2 of their suggestions before I submitted it. In the end, my boss thought it was so well put together that she decided every report should be made that way so my colleague got a little piece of the credit too and that settled things pretty well.

Focus your answer on the behavioral process for resolving the conflict and working collaboratively