Why are you interested in this position?

Another Example Answer:

"I have always admired your company's products and I was really impressed with the collaborative company culture. The job description also emphasizes communication skills and leadership -- two of my greatest strengths. I really feel that it's a role and organization in which I could excel."

Describe your current or most recent job role.

Your current or most recent role is almost always the most interesting to the interviewer. Be prepared to describe your top achievements and responsibilities in this job. As always, you should focus on the areas most relevant to the work that you would be doing if hired.

Avoid these common mistakes:

1) Don't just rattle off your job description. Focus on your accomplishments and how you went above and beyond the normal call of duty.

2) Stress any impressive statistics, numbers, or details.

3) Don't try to describe absolutely everything that you do.

Focus on the highlights that this particular interviewer will care about.

4) Keep your audience in mind. Define any unfamiliar terms and skip or explain details that could be confusing.